+919895061532 Sai Das, Sree Sai Studio, Nileshwar


We stand for the social services and welfare of the poor, disabilities down trodden and distressed
people who are marginalized and deprived of all the God gifted fortunes on earth, enjoyed by
some section of our society and we also aim to extend all kinds of physical financial, spiritual and
moral support with due eave and affection to improve the qualities of lot of such under privileged
classes and to bring them to the main stream of the society through humanities and charities
It is our commitment to joint out helpless and poor people around us and is extend necessary
financial support and aids to up lift them to bring to the main stream of the society.
To find from out brilliant students hailing from poor financial and social background and to extend all
the possible help guidance, achieve and co-operation for their continuous educations.